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Savvy Sacha

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pictures of Savvy Sacha and Jenny "Looney" Lane
performing HLA on WWE RAW

Name: Savvy Sacha

Hometown: Redondo Beach, CA

Birthdate: February 5th

Measurements: 34-24-35

Motto: Go BIG or go home.

Turn-ons: People who are funny as f*ck

Turn-offs: Gossip and Shit talkers.

Wildest Moment: Too many to list.

Wildest Fantasy: It changes from day to day.

Best Physical Feature: Booty

Marital Status: Single

Hobbies/Interests: Lipgloss fetish, Hanging at the beach, dancing, coaching, flirting with cute boys, Anything that has to do with the water or the snow. 

Favorite Wrestling Federation: UPW and WWE (It's a tie)

Favorite Wrestler(s): Rey Mysterio, Molly Holly, The Rock, The Ballards, Outlaw Mike Knox, Hard Kore Kidd, and Looney Lane.