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Princess Jade

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Name: Princess Jade
Hometown: Born in Pittsburgh, now living in Punxsutawney Pennsylvania
Birthdate: 01/30/1978
Measurements: 36 D
Motto: The Crown Jewel of Pro Wrestling

Turn-ons: Nice smile, great personality, nice clothes

Turn-offs: Smelly, too tight black jeans, Jerks

Wildest Moment: Dancing with a band at a bar in college (I went to IUP) and flashing the entire crowd... also dancing on stage at Groundhog Day!!
Wildest Fantasy: To be rich and have lots of servants
Best Physical Feature: Chest
Marital Status: Single
Hobbies/Interests: Dancing, Cheerleading, Shopping, Art
Favorite Wrestling Federation: WWE & APWF
Favorite Wrestler(s): Edge, Rock, HBK