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Amanda Violet

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Name: Amanda Violet

Hometown: The Garden Of Eden

Birthdate: June 23rd

Measurements: 38F-34-36

Motto: I may seem delicate like a flower..but even roses have their thorns!

Turn-ons: nice eyes, strong hands, honesty, sincerity

Turn-offs: bad hygeiene, rude people

Wildest Moment: All I'm sayin is - movie theater bathroom!

Wildest Fantasy: Making Love Outdoors

Best Physical Feature: My eyes

Marital Status: Taken

Hobbies/Interests: Wrestling (duh!), reading, music, movies, vampires, swans and collecting perfumes

Favorite Wrestling Federation: WWE

Favorite Wrestler(s): HBK, Jeff Hardy, Molly Holly, Trish Stratus, Homicide, Christopher Daniels