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Sue Sexton

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Name: Sue Sexton

Hometown: Perth, Western Australia

Birthdate: I'm sorry, I don't speak english!

Measurements: 38-26-36

Motto: What's mine is mine and no one can take it away from me,  i just have to get out of the way and let myself receive it

Turn-ons: Appreciation of any kind of art form, people becoming empowered

Turn-offs: Cruelty and stupidity, fanatasism

Wildest Moment: Being in the wings of an AC/DC concert watching Angus Young play

Wildest Fantasy: Getting an oscar for my script

Best Physical Feature: Probably my eyes,  I haven't really thought about it

Marital Status: Single

Hobbies/Interests: Writing, Yoga, and spiritual work

Favorite Wrestling Federation: I don't have one

Favorite Wrestler(s): Ric Flair, Betty Niccoli, and a lot of the old timers.