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Nikki Roxx

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Name: Nikki Roxx

Hometown: Boston, MA

Birthdate: 4/19/79

Measurements: 34-28-35

Motto: Nikki Roxx and you suck!

Turn-ons: Long hair, nice build, and tattoos

Turn-offs: Hair where it's not supposed to be! YUCK!!!

Wildest Moment: Too many to name just one!!!!

Wildest Fantasy: I can't tell you that! It's a secret!!!!

Best Physical Feature: My Behind!

Marital Status: Not married but pretty close.

Hobbies/Interest: Weight-lifting, wrestling (obviously), movies, and music. Anything that equals a good time!

Favorite Wrestling Fed: WXW, ECW, and JAPW

Favorite Wrestlers: D. C. Dillinger, Lance Storm, and Eddie Guerrero