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Scarlett Leigh

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Name: Scarlett Leigh
Hometown: Ga peach babyyyyyy....;o)
Birthdate: not telling...hehehe
Measurements: 38DDD is all that matters...right???
Motto: He who laughs last is an    
Turn-ons: Tall Dom bi buxom girls...Harleys...and Jager!...HEHEHE
Turn-offs: close minded churchy tippers...and cocky men who cant back it up....
Wildest Moment: lets just say it involved my two best girlfriends..and a cop who was on duty...hehehe..cuffs anyone???
Wildest Fantasy: hmmmmm...lets figure it out TOGETHER???
Best Physical Feature: my incredible set of....EYES...hehee..and of course my evil grin.
Marital Status: yep...and he KNOWS hes a LUCKY guy...hehehe
Favorite Wrestling Federation: WWE
Favorite Wrestler(s):The Rock, of course..OMG he's soooo HOTTTTTT!