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Name: Ditsy

Hometown: Yorkshire, England
Birthdate: August 17th 1974

Measurements: Not exactly sure of my full measurements, but I guess you guys are only really interested in my bra size anyway ... which is 32E (uk size's are slightly different to USA sizes btw)
Motto: Boys smell of wee .... hmm not so much of a motto ... more a statement

Turn-ons: Cute, rich and hung like a horse *wink*

Turn-offs: Ugly poor people with small pee pee's

Wildest Moment: Oh man .... define wild? I've done tons of crazy stuff, but not sure if it was wild ... more just plan nuts :)

Wildest Fantasy: I want to do that motor cycle thing that Michelle Pfieffer does in Grease 2 (where she moves from behined the motor cycle guy to in front of him while driving at high speeds)

Best Physical Feature: I can't decide between my hair or my arse.

Marital Status: Single but dating

Hobbies/Interests: I don't know if its a hobby or more a life style choice, but I love web camming :)

Favorite Wrestling Federation: WWE

Favorite Wrestler(s): I only remember one name... and thats Hulk Hogan..... did you guys ever get the really strechy version on the Hulk Hogan Doll ... man that was cool.