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Vanessa Harding

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Name: Vanessa Harding

Hometown: St. Petersburg, FL

Birthdate: Oct 11, 1973

Measurements: 38DD-24-36

Motto: "No really, I am a NERD"

Turn-ons: Having my hair pulled, Being bitten on the back of the neck, wrestling, especially getting the  1, 2, 3  pin on a really big  muscle guy.

Turn-offs: Being yelled at, Smokers, Having my hair pulled OUT.

Wildest Moment: TIE.  Getting 20,000 fans to pop at the Armagedon PPV just for standing up and turning around.   AND    My first head shot with a rattan sword and  then taking a  69 face bump on top of former WWE Star Mideon.

Wildest Fantasy: Having amazing sex in a wrestling ring, while the lights are still up after a show.

Best Physical Feature:  I would say my back including me @ss.  Everyone else would say my chest.

Marital Status: Single

Hobbies/Interests: Wrestling, Star Trek, Fantasy Role Playing,  Weight Training

Favorite Wrestling Federation: WWE, of course, AND IPW-Hardcore MY Home fed.

Favorite Wrestler(s): Sean O' Haire, Chris Jericho, Eddie Guerrero, Steven Richards, Kurt Angle.  In my home Fed, Rod Steele, The Shane Twins,  WCW's Dee Dee Venturi ("Cat" )and Heater.